Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Obituary - Part 2

Ghostie:I ask this next question with the greatest of respect, as there seemed to be no official announcement, has Frank left Obituary permanently?? Can you comment further on this if this is the case?

John Tardy Yes, Frank is gone. We have not said much about it and I am not going to say much about it because it is between us.  You can always ask Frank about it??? We are happy and lucky to have our long time friend Terry Butler with us.

Ghostie:I watched the Big four DVD there the other night and have to say I was really impressed. Has the thought ever crossed your mind to try organise a Death Metal Big 4 tour??  Deicide, Morbid Angel, Cannibal Corpse & Obituary, would you agree on that line-up?? You have to at least admit that would be a cool package DVD wise for fans.

Ghostie: This is something I have been working on and will continue to try to set up.

Ghostie One thing I have enjoyed regarding recent Obituary albums , is you have stuck to a very natural sound on your last few records. You seem to have resisted the urge to go for a more modern, overly processed sound. I personally think a lot of death metal acts these days suffer from a lack of Identity or character. The records are too well produced, too clinical. I’d rather listen to Autopsy etc any day over some of these albums. Why is it do you think, that younger death metal bands go for this clinical sound? Surely that’s the opposite of what death metal is supposed to be?

John Tardy: If you only knew.  When I say we have a caveman approach to things our recording are almost as simple as it gets.  We do very little  to our recording. Very little. I have nothing against what other bands do or don’t do, that is what having your own band/sound is all about.  But when you see us live we sound very much like we do on our albums and I think that is a good thing.

Ghostie: I’ve always wanted to ask why your lyrics have remained unpublished. Why have you chosen to keep them from your fans?

John Tardy: Not really sure.  It started with Slowly We Rot not having very many lyrics to write.  Over the years I have written more and more but just don’t see it as an important thing for Obituary. It is not much to look that deep into to or think too much about…just what we do.

Ghostie: You made a vinyl version of Xecutioners return available, have you any plans to release any of the other albums in your catalogue on this format? I have to say this type of music definitely has to be heard on vinyl to be fully appreciated!

John Tardy: We will.  If anything we spend so much money on having artwork painted you can at least appreciate it without needing a magnifying glass...Ha Ha.

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