Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Grey Waters

Grey Waters are a tough band to describe, you could label them many things without being completely accurate. Whatever the label, the result is very effective, the debut EP is nothing less than impressive. I recently caught up with Tim to find out where Grey Waters are heading next.

1. After some promising releases, Austere split up. Can you tell us what lead to the dissolving of the band?

Tim - We had our reasons and they will remain private.

2. Can you ever see yourselves returning to that style of music or has it been put to bed for good so to speak?

Well, I guess the last Woods Of Desolation album is similar to Austere's later material, but that was recorded over 18 months ago. As for myself, I don't think I'll ever do something too similar to that style of music again. I find more enjoyment creating different kinds of music and trying new things.

3. Grey Waters are an entirely different proposition altogether, what were the initial ideals/inspirations behind the formation of the band?

Basically just to create music that came from the heart.

4. I hear a lot of Post-Rock, Mid Period Katatonia and some of Australia’s own Butterfly Effect in your debut EP “Below the Ever Setting Sun” are these comparisons you are happy to accept? Would you cite these styles as an influence? Please elaborate on what else is influencing you musically.

We both listen to some Post Rock, and enjoy older Katatonia material, but for myself my main inspiration comes from other styles of music. Maybe it's hard to hear when put into the context of a Grey Waters song, but I'm influenced by a lot of things that would probably be completely surprising to listeners. Everything from Pop to Classical to Blues to Trance.

5. Do you view Grey Waters as a metal band? Most press I have encountered has been in metal related publications and I was wondering - Is this the audience you are going to be aiming toward predominantly? I know its early days yet but in my own opinion, based upon your EP, I think you are going to be a difficult band to categorise. I can see fans of different genres finding something they like in your music.

I don't think we are a Metal band, especially a lot of songs from the upcoming full length really don't have many "Metal" elements in them, aside from of course a distorted guitar. We didn't want to aim to any audience in particular, but given our past bands I think we were lumped into the Metal genre quicker than we would have been had our pasts been different.

6. How has reception been towards Below the Ever Setting Sun critically and commercially?

Honestly I don't really know. I looked at a few comments and reviews when it first came out last year, but other than that all I know is what I get told by people. I guess most people are finding something to enjoy in it. But of course you can't please everyone.

7. Have you found it tough to reach a new fan base or has your past with Austere helped launch the band? Have you found that some fans of Austere’s have warmed to Grey Waters’s material?

Of course Austere has helped Grey Waters gain exposure. I guess this can be considered both a blessing and a curse. If Austere fans can find something to like in Grey Waters material, then that's great, if not, that's OK too.

8. Who took care of the lyrics on “Below…?” I love the style, simple direct and very effective. Can you elaborate on some of the inspirations behind the lyrics on the EP?

I wrote most of them, along with reworking some of D's. I don't think they are anything great, but maybe they can just be considered a small look into my thoughts.

9. Forgive the ignorance if I’m wrong on this, but Grey Waters have yet to perform live, if this is the case do you have plans to play live at some point?

You are correct. Last year we began rehearsing with a full line-up, and even began to talk with promoters about booking some shows, however after some time we made the decision that it didn't feel right, and it's better to not play at all than to give a performance we would not be 100% happy with. Whether Grey Waters will ever perform live is uncertain, but one thing is for sure - it won't be any time soon.

10. Although I thoroughly enjoyed the EP, I don’t think we have heard your best material yet, would you agree with this? To add to that, I know you are recording your debut album at the minute, can you tell us anything about how it’s shaping up or when we can expect it?

Yes, I definitely agree with that. We began work on the full length around a year ago now, however after a few months we came to a halt, and since then not much has been done in regards to completing the album. We'll resume work on it sometime this year though, and I hope to see it released by the years end, however time is passing very quickly it seems, and I don't know if this will happen...

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